ISSN (Online): 2583-0090

Volume 1, Issue 2, December, 2021

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Brief Information about Consortium Journal   i - vi
Message from Advisory Board Member Dr. Nirmal Kumar Roy vii
Message from Editorial Board Member Dr. Shreya Bhattacharji viii
Message from the Editor-in-Chief Sabuj Sarkar ix
Introduction by the Issue Editor Dr. Subhadeep Paul
The Digital Gaze: Anthropomorphic Reflections Of The Future Posthuman Reality Joshua Nieubuurt 01-11
Questioning Body-Soul – Heart: An Analysis Of Selected Animation Movies From Posthuman Perspectives Dibyendu Bhattacharyay 12-17
Eves Of Horror: Body Bombers And The Spectacle Of Contemporary Terror Dr. Asmita Boral 18-25
Eternity Of Posthuman Intellect And Algorithmic Sentience: A Hybrid Of Reality, MemoryAnd Consciousness In Japanese Visual Culture Arshiya Chahal & Simran Gindwani 26-34
Towards Colonization of Human: A Postcolonial Study of Posthumanism Goutam Manna 35-43
Posthuman Embodiment And Queer Identity In Frankissstein And The Lifecycle Of Software Objects Pratyasha Basu 44-51
“But She Was Woman; He Was Dog” – A Posthumanist Approach To Canine Subjectivity In Virginia Woolf’s Flush Shalini Chakraborty 52-69
Hypertext In Print: Reading Borges’ Short Stories Nabanita Karanjai 60-67
Constitutive Dehiscence And Ruptured Identity Of The ‘Self’ And The ‘Other’ – A Posthumanist Reading Of Coetzee’s Foe Dr. Sujato Ghosh 68-73
Eliot And The Mathematics Of Prufrock’s Post Humanist Hell Debojyoti Dan 74-86
The Signifiers and the Signified I:- Experimenting upon the ‘human’ and/or ‘posthuman’ in Subrata Sengupta’s কম্পি বড় ভালো মেয়ে Reeswav Chatterjee 89-104
Cthulhu and the snake: (Im)possibility of posthuman ipseity Saikat Chakraborty 105-111
Donna J. Haraway’s Staying With The Trouble: Making Kin In The Chthulucene: A Review Dr. Asijit Datta 112-115